Give your company a distinct advantage

Unresolved conflict is probably the largest reducible cost for organisations but possibly the least recognised. We'll help you to recognise its many subtle forms.

Our approach to addressing conflict not only means a more productive work place, it also develops more meaningful relationships between staff and colleagues.  This in turn leads to broader and deeper relationships with customers thereby creating the four fundamentals of true corporate success:

  1. Providing an attractive return for investors
  2. Satisfying customers with superior quality and value
  3. Being a company that employees can be proud of
  4. Respecting our social and physical environment

The benefits of working with us are that we can:

  • Identify where conflict is working against your corporate objectives or interests
  • Create an integrated approach to conflict resolution that includes both preventative and remedial measures
  • Help eliminate the common causes of conflict
  • Encourage a culture of individual responsibility and integrity
  • Develop the skills within individuals to produce strong supportive team cultures
  • Help you align organisational values and best practice to promote harmony, co-operation, sharing and respect
  • Develop policy and procedures in resolving conflict that embrace best practice and comply with legislation
  • Resolve specific disputes constructively through the provision of mediation and thus avoid disciplinary action and tribunals
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