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Where the relationship between parties has deteriorated to such a level that the performance of the business is clearly being damaged, we can provide experienced mediators who will act impartially to facilitate an agreement between the disputing parties.

The key outcome of this is the restoration of a constructive relationship and the ability for both parties to remain committed and productive members of the organisation. This is achieved by helping the parties to identify the interests that are critical to them and by helping them to develop solutions that are acceptable to all parties.

Where this ultimately cannot be achieved, the key outcome becomes the ability of each party to move forward feeling validated and happy with the final outcome.

Why use mediation?  

  • Prompt response - The mediation can be arranged within days or weeks rather than the months that may be involved in litigation, thereby allowing the client to return their focus to their business sooner.
  • Less Expensive - Early settlements save management time and other costs to the client’s organisation. Mediation is much less expensive than litigation or arbitration.
  • Confidential - Mediation avoids adverse publicity; unwanted parties such as competitors or journalists are not present.
  • Wider Issues, Interests and Needs - Mediation unearths underlying issues and hidden agendas making creative solutions possible to satisfy the needs of all the parties.
  • Common Sense Negotiation - Mediation is straightforward, informal and effective.
  • Keep Control of the Case - Mediation means the parties concerned make the decisions. They don’t have to hand over control to a judge or an arbitrator who are bound by law and do not have scope to offer creative solutions.
  • Nothing to Lose - Legal rights are not effected by mediation: litigation can be commenced or continued if the mediation process fails to reach a solution.

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