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If you really want to influence another person, you first need to understand the impact you are currently having on them.

Corporate success and individual well-being will never be achieved until we stop trying to feel better about ourselves through the control and manipulation of others.

In the short term, we may be able to influence events or even the way individuals will react to us in the future, but this is the pursuit of external power and it ultimately demands a high price. 

Intelligent Influence is about understanding ourselves and what drives our behaviours so that we can make informed choices about what we want to create.  We will always create our experiences, the question is do you know how to create them consciously?  When you do, you will experience true success.

Intelligent Influence is about relating to other individuals from a position of:

  • Harmony – being open and honest about how we feel, without the need to “blame” or “criticise”
  • Co-operation – seeking mutual benefit in all our interactions
  • Sharing – giving to others what is most valuable to us
  • Respect – how we treat ourselves and others


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