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We provide a range of consultancy services to identify and measure the impact of workplace Conflict and Stress.


  • Identify where productivity and performance are being impeded by conflict.
  • Assess the causes and extent of conflict in your organisation through the use of a range of proven diagnostic instruments, staff surveys, group interviews, and structured discussions with key managers.
  • Provide advice and support in creating a constructive working environment.
  • Plan the implementation of appropriate solutions and where required assist in the management of the implementation programme.


  • Identify the causes, impact and extent of work place stress in your organisation.
  • Provide a range of proven diagnostic tools of varying sophistication ranging from full organisational health checks to a simple litmus test for specific teams or departments.
  • Provide advice and support in the development and implementation of effective stress management approaches, including such things as:
    • Developing organisational policies to reduce and manage stress
    • Improvements to work flow processes
    • Training to enable managers to adopt an appropriate style and behaviour
    • Training for staff in recognising stress
    • Stress reduction interventions for individuals

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