Give your company a distinct advantage

Running a business can be lonely. Especially for an owner-manager. Issues such as your own growth and development, working relationships with your management team or specific business challenges can be highly confidential. But these matters are also important enough to merit the rare opportunity to discuss them, think out loud and receive constructive feedback.

We provide one to one coaching that enables individuals to address the real issues that are challenging them in the workplace and to help them develop highly effective influencing skills to enable them to be implemented. 

We give coaching in areas such as:

  • start-up and business planning
  • learning to delegate
  • building a team structure
  • resolving changing relationships
  • introducing management and financial processes
  • developing a marketing plan
  • major expansion, new project

Our approach is facilitative and helps the individual coachee to recognise and identify their own choices for any situation, and to be able to develop workable solutions.   


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