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In today’s rapidly changing business world, one factor makes organisations succeed or fail - its people and how they relate to one another.

Yet in a world of constant change where the business reality is that individuals and teams of people are being required to work faster, be more imaginative and achieve more, often with fewer resources at their disposal, is it any wonder that working relationships are being put under an ever increasing strain?

Strained relationships are fertile ground for conflict and where dysfunctional conflict exists a business can never achieve its full potential.  It has been estimated that as much as 65% of all performance problems have resulted from strained relationships between employees.  Conflict might not always be readily noticeable in an organisation, it may be overlooked even denied, but it erodes productivity in an insidious way and dramatically affects performance.  The cost is high.  

We can help you identify the various levels of conflict that already exist in your business, what that could be costing you and how to overcome them.

We are committed to helping you improve your business’ profitability and performance by maximising your most valuable asset: your people.  We believe that by helping individuals develop the range of life skills needed to work more effectively with others, businesses will enjoy the benefits to be derived from strong, cohesive and high performing teams.  The type of teams that can remain flexible, imaginative, focused and competitive in today’s challenging business environment.  

We work with a very select team of specialists in mediation, stress and work life balance to provide integrated solutions.   

Our Values, Philosophy and Approach

A little bit about me

I possess a wealth of practical experience in the fields of change, project, training and conflict management.  Before establishing Terry Malloy and Associates I worked for a major UK plc for 20 years undertaking several senior roles in areas such as Customer Services, Sales, Operational Management, Project Management and IT training. 

Over the past 4 years I have also developed a successful consultancy career helping both individuals and organisations through periods of change.   Based on my managerial, coaching and counselling experience, I have developed 2 models, the Conflict Continuum and Intelligent Influence.  These models and their inherent approach to change focus on an individual’s emotional reactions and the choices available to them in any given situation.  Together they provide a powerful basis for constructive conflict management and increased operational performance. 

I am an NLP Master Practitioner, hold a Diploma in Eriksonian Hypnosis and a Certificate in Counselling Skills, and am a qualified and practising mediator.

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