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Hello and welcome. My name is Terry Malloy and I am in the business of helping people to communicate more effectively and in doing so create “high performing” businesses through the effective management of potential conflict situations.

At the heart of a high performing business is a committed and inspired workforce willing and able to “go the extra mile” not because they have to but because they want to. Creating this requires a management style and organisational culture that fully engages the workforce and fosters a desire within individuals and teams to raise their levels of productivity and performance.  Your business is your people; their business is your product and the company’s success 

The barriers that stand in the way of creating high performance are strained working relationships, a lack of commitment, trust, respect and co-operation, all of which ultimately lead to falling performance and stress.

The root of all these barriers is conflict.  Not just the open disputes that everyone can readily recognise but the personal antagonism, many people might refer to as ‘personality clashes’ that can actually escalate into the deeply dysfunctional conflict that saps the energy, morale and performance of the workforce. 

Do you recognise any of these situations within your organisation?
Something known or unknown is preventing employees from fully committing themselves to their work.
Problems between people within the organisation are preventing it from achieving its full potential
The introduction of new procedures or work practices has been or is considered likely to be received with suspicion or hostility.
You have achieved Investors in People but you still have the problem of staff not fully engaging
Employees who are experienced and technically competent are abrasive and disrupt the working relationships within their team or within the organisation as a whole. 
There is an internal dispute, but you want to avoid the stress and adverse publicity of an employment tribunal
Stress is leading to conflict between your employees, which in turn is causing even more stress and the whole situation is spiralling out of control

If so, then give me a call or send me an email and let me help you to create a “high performing” business.

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